Mirror, Mirror On The Wall……..Wrinkles…

Wrinkles, ah, what’s to say?  I have them.  I loathe them.  I fight them.  I’ve yet to find a cream or lotion that will reverse them and eventually I know I will have to make peace with them.  That day is not today.  Today I will start my day by looking into my 10x mirror in horror.  I will slam the mirror back in place and I will go deep into denial.  I know I don’t look 20, but in my mind I’m 20… maybe 21.  I’ll cop to 24, but that’s as high as I will go.

I remember being a teenager and seeing the commercials for Oil of Olay and their motto was “some people grow old gracefully, I intend to fight it every step of the way”.  I remember that making a big impression on me at a young age and I thought, yeah, that’s gonna be me.  Well, 20 years later, I’m fighting, but I’m losing.  Oil of Olay is in my arsenal, but years of sunbathing and just plain time have taken their toll.

My husband insisted on the 10x mirror for himself and his grooming needs, but I’ve found that in getting older I need to see my self up close and personal to put on eyeliner and mascara.  Mind you, there was a time I could do that with my eyes closed!  So, each morning I start my day on the wrong foot.  I look in the mirror and instead of my mirror telling me I’m the “fairest of them all”, it’s asking me “Holy crap!  Where you bitten by the ugly bug while you were sleeping?!”  So, I put on my creams and lotions and tell myself they are working.  After all, no one should EVER be looking THAT close at anything!  It’s unnatural.  The only time you are that close to another human being is when you are kissing them and that’s why God gave us eyelids.  Shut ’em!

I will one day look like well worn shoe leather and I will embrace it as well as I can.  I know the day is coming, but not today.  Maybe tomorrow.


About Wrinkles and Flab and Hair! Oh My!

You may be wondering about my choice of blog name. Well, I’m a few years north of 40 and I thought I would surely be the exception… turns out I’m not. This blog is to address the good, the bad and the ugly of getting older and just the mundaneness of everyday life. The wrinkles have set in. The flab just appeared. And the hair…when, how and WHY did it start growing there?!?! I welcome all who want to read. Those over 40 that are going through or have gone through the same thing, I hope we can chat like sisters, laugh like friends and shed a tear or two if needed. Those who are under 40 and are curious to see what lies ahead, come take a look behind the pre-menopausal curtain. Any men that are interested in reading, I welcome you too. I must, however, warn you of the disillusionment that may lie ahead. Likely, in your eyes, it will be the undoing of the feminine mystique. We are here to support one another on this crazy journey and I welcome all feedback. I’ll start with my stories and I hope you chime in with yours! So, everyone hop aboard and let’s take this ride together and see where it leads!
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