First Book I Read in 2012

I just finished my first book of 2012.

It was Jen Lancaster’s, If You Were Here. I thought I’d start out light.

I liked it. I’m a huge fan of her previous books and enjoy her style and her wit. I liked this one. It took me on a fun ride, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. There were a lot of similarities between her life and those of her fictional characters, but that didn’t bother me. I related to much of the home improvement snafus, though on a much smaller scale, since three years ago, my husband and I (with great help from my father), did an almost total rehab on our home. We tore apart a house and planned a wedding all at the same time. It was touch and go for a while there if the wedding would in fact take place. Rehabbing brings out the worst in you and you find out just how strong your relationship is. If only I had started blogging at that time. Maybe better that I didn’t……

If you are thinking about getting If You Were Here, but haven’t read her previous books, I would strongly suggest starting with Bitter Is The New Black and work yourself to this one. If you have read her previous books and are a fan, go for it. It’s fun.


About Wrinkles and Flab and Hair! Oh My!

You may be wondering about my choice of blog name. Well, I’m a few years north of 40 and I thought I would surely be the exception… turns out I’m not. This blog is to address the good, the bad and the ugly of getting older and just the mundaneness of everyday life. The wrinkles have set in. The flab just appeared. And the hair…when, how and WHY did it start growing there?!?! I welcome all who want to read. Those over 40 that are going through or have gone through the same thing, I hope we can chat like sisters, laugh like friends and shed a tear or two if needed. Those who are under 40 and are curious to see what lies ahead, come take a look behind the pre-menopausal curtain. Any men that are interested in reading, I welcome you too. I must, however, warn you of the disillusionment that may lie ahead. Likely, in your eyes, it will be the undoing of the feminine mystique. We are here to support one another on this crazy journey and I welcome all feedback. I’ll start with my stories and I hope you chime in with yours! So, everyone hop aboard and let’s take this ride together and see where it leads!
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