Is Hollywood Turning Into Gotham City?

I just finished paging through a celebrity magazine and this has been bothering me for a while. What is going on out in California that I’m missing? I expect them to be out in left field, but aren’t they supposed to be the beautiful people?

There are incredibly beautiful women in Hollywood and even as they age, they are still beautiful women. But what is the deal with having, who knows what procedure, and coming out looking like the Joker from Batman? Who is advising these women that it’s a good idea? This trend is spreading like an infectious disease. Is it a surgical procedure? Is it an injection? Their mouthes look unusually wide and grimacy. Is it temporary? Is it permanent? Boy if it’s permanent, that is not going to age well. Maybe they are having cheekbones implanted and it ends up stretching the mouth wider and upward. I can’t figure it out. People our skin is not made out of Stretch Armstrong material. Ours does not go back. So far as I remember, my brother’s Stretch Armstrong did not have one stretch mark. Gain some weight, have a quick growth spurt, or have a baby and you know bellies and boobs especially don’t like to go back without leaving a mark and quite frankly they don’t usually go back to what the started.

Let me just go on record and say that the older I get, the less opposed I am to plastic surgery. But it has to be something that makes you look better, NOT WORSE!

How about a nip and tuck here and there, like the used to do in the old days? They had less technology and maybe they couldn’t smile or talk right, but they didn’t look like a demented clown, or a comic book villain. Also, some of these women have tons of dough and access to the best surgeons in the country and in the world. Why do some of them go to unlicensed plastic ding-dongs and end up having automobile grade silicone shot up in their faces. Yikes.

I say it’s better to age like a fine wine and become refined; a bottle of scotch and begin to mellow; or some aged cheddar, maybe a little dry and rough around the edges, but full of flavor.


About Wrinkles and Flab and Hair! Oh My!

You may be wondering about my choice of blog name. Well, I’m a few years north of 40 and I thought I would surely be the exception… turns out I’m not. This blog is to address the good, the bad and the ugly of getting older and just the mundaneness of everyday life. The wrinkles have set in. The flab just appeared. And the hair…when, how and WHY did it start growing there?!?! I welcome all who want to read. Those over 40 that are going through or have gone through the same thing, I hope we can chat like sisters, laugh like friends and shed a tear or two if needed. Those who are under 40 and are curious to see what lies ahead, come take a look behind the pre-menopausal curtain. Any men that are interested in reading, I welcome you too. I must, however, warn you of the disillusionment that may lie ahead. Likely, in your eyes, it will be the undoing of the feminine mystique. We are here to support one another on this crazy journey and I welcome all feedback. I’ll start with my stories and I hope you chime in with yours! So, everyone hop aboard and let’s take this ride together and see where it leads!
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6 Responses to Is Hollywood Turning Into Gotham City?

  1. Could you link to some photos? I have not noticed this, and I love the thought of laughing at the celebrities and saying, ooh, I may be ageing but at least I don’t….

  2. HI Clare –
    I looked up some links with pictures. Here are some links I found of a few celebrities. The worst case is of course Priscilla Presley – here’s a link:
    According to reports, she has had the automotive grade silicone, by the unlicensed plastic surgeon. She was gorgeous before, despite her age.

    Here’s a site with Meg Ryan, who I always thought was super cute.

    I suspect Courtney Cox, also beautiful, has had some work done. I noticed it on the first season of Cougar Town, it seemed like her mouth just wasn’t right.

    Darryl Hannah

    Lindsay Lohan – train wreck that she is –,r:36,s:0&tx=35&ty=72

    Nikki Cox doesn’t look like herself anymore,r:7,s:0&tx=94&ty=50

  3. I have ambitions to age like a mature cheddar – definately rough and dry around the edges 🙂 Lovely post, thank you!

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