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Facebook What Are You Doing To Me?

A Prose About The Cons of Facebook                   Facebook, what are You doing to me You make feel inferior Why can’t you see   My life was full Until I signed up … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

Endings and beginning Beginnings and endings Who this year Will I end up offending?

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Ode to New Years Eve

New Years Eve brings about… Resolutions galore How to make us better By walking through a new door New Years Eve brings about… Reflections of 12 months past Of hopes unrealized And dreams painfully dashed I look into my closet … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Eve!

Oh Christmas Eve What will we find Snug bras and panties And pantyhose that bind   Take a deep breath For it may be your last When the elastic gives out You better duck fast!

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Flab. It just sounds bad. It is bad. Flab. Flab. What can I say It jiggles and wiggles Everyday! It’s soft It’s lumpy In some spots It’s bumpy Legs and butt I can’t keep track But how the hell Did … Continue reading

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