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In My Next Life….I Want To Come Back As Spooky The Cat!

I have an adorable cat. See: Sometimes not very lady-like, but cute nonetheless. She’s in her bed, on my desk. Spooky (whom we call Pooky) came to me about 7 1/2 years ago. She was scrawny, cute and friendly, but … Continue reading

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Are you a soaker, or a scrubber? I’m a scrubber and my husband is a soaker. I’m referring to dishes and pots and pans. If you have a dinner party of 6 or more, you inevitably will have a minimum … Continue reading

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Looking Toward the New Year…

It’s Christmas Day and we don’t have anywhere to be until later, so I have some time. I find myself thinking about 2011 coming to an end in a mere week. So, I can sit and think about all I … Continue reading

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This Is a Great Example of How Wisdom Comes With Age

I receive this e-mail every so often and I always think it’s a great reminder!  I hope you enjoy it too! Written by a 90 year old This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!! Make … Continue reading

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