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How Do I Stack Up?

I came across an article listing the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions and wanted to see how I stack up against them and see if I missed any I might need to consider. 1. Spend More Time With Friends and … Continue reading

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Ode to New Years Eve

New Years Eve brings about… Resolutions galore How to make us better By walking through a new door New Years Eve brings about… Reflections of 12 months past Of hopes unrealized And dreams painfully dashed I look into my closet … Continue reading

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Is It Wrong? Literary Snobbery or Fun Fiction?

I have read some of the classics. I loved Grapes of Wrath and My Antonia, when I read them in high school. I was enthralled by The Handmaid’s Tale. More recently, however, I was brought to tears and a part … Continue reading

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Looking Toward the New Year…

It’s Christmas Day and we don’t have anywhere to be until later, so I have some time. I find myself thinking about 2011 coming to an end in a mere week. So, I can sit and think about all I … Continue reading

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Flab. It just sounds bad. It is bad. Flab. Flab. What can I say It jiggles and wiggles Everyday! It’s soft It’s lumpy In some spots It’s bumpy Legs and butt I can’t keep track But how the hell Did … Continue reading

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